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    The Default Password List

    - [ The Default Password List ] -

    This table displays a list of the most common default passwords by Manufacturer.

    If you find a password you would like added to the list please post it here and we would be glad to append it to the list.

    Manufacturer  Model  Version  Username  Password  
    123412341234 Admin Password
    3COM 1.25 root letmein
    3COM3C16405  admin (none)
    3COM3C16406  admin (none)
    3COM3C16450  admin (none)
    3COM3COM SuperStack 3 Switch3300XM security security
    3COM3ComCellPlex7000  tech tech
    3COM3CRADSL721.2 (none) 1234admin
    3COM3CRWDR100A-722.06 (Sep 21 2005 14:24:48) admin 1234admin
    3COM812  Administrator admin
    3COMAccessBuilder? 7000 BRIAny (none) (none)
    3COMAirConnect Access Pointn/a (none) comcomcom
    3COMCable Managment System SQL Database (DOSCICWin2000 & MS DOCSIS_APP 3Com
    3COMCB9000 / 40073 Type User: FORCE (none)
    3COMCellPlex7000 root (none)
    3COMCellPlex7000 tech User
    3COMCellPlex7000 root (none)
    3COMCellPlex7000 tech tech
    3COMCellPlex7000 admin admin
    3COMCellPlex7000 admin admin
    3COMCellPlex7000 operator (none)
    3COMCellPlex7000 tech (none)
    3COMCellPlex7000 operator (none)
    3COMCellPlex7000 tech (none)
    3COMCellPlex7000 admin admin
    3COMCellPlex  admin synnet
    3COMCellPlex  admin admin
    3COMCellPlex  (none) (none)
    3COMCellPlex  admin admin
    3COMCoreBuilder7000/6000/3500/2500 debug synnet
    3COMCoreBuilder7000/6000/3500/2500 tech tech
    3COMCoreBuilder7000/6000/3500/2500 (none) admin
    3COMCoreBuilder7000/6000/3500/2500 (none) (none)
    3COMCoreBuilder2500 (none) (none)
    3COMCoreBuilder6000 debug tech
    3COMCoreBuilder7000 tech tech
    3COMHiPer ARC Cardv4.1.x adm none
    3COMHiPerACTv4.1.x admin (none)
    3COMHiPerARCv4.1.x adm (none)
    3COMHiPerARCv4.1.x adm (none)
    3COMHome Connect  User Password
    3COMInternet Firewall3C16770 admin password
    3COMLANplex2500 tech tech
    3COMLANplex2500 debug synnet
    3COMLANplex2500 tech (none)
    3COMLANplex2500 (none) admin
    3COMLinkSwitch2000/2700 tech tech
    3COMLinkSwitch and CellPlex  tech tech
    3COMLinkSwitch and CellPlex  debug synnet
    3COMNAC (Network Access Card)  adm none
    3COMNBX1002.8 administrator 0
    3COMNetBuilder  (none) ILMI
    3COMNetBuilder  (none) admin
    3COMNetbuilder  Root (none)
    3COMNetBuilder  (none) ANYCOM
    3COMNetbuilder  admin (none)
    3COMNetbuilder  admin (none)
    3COMOCR 812  (none) (none)
    3COMoffice connect11g admin (none)
    3COMOffice Connect ISDN Routers5?0 (none) PASSWORD
    3COMOffice Connect ISDN Routers5?0 (none) PASSWORD
    3COMOffice Connect Remote 812  root !root
    3COMofficeconnect  admin (none)
    3COMOfficeConnect5.x (none) PASSWORD
    3COMOfficeConnect5.x estheralastruey (none)
    3COMOfficeConnect 812 ADSL  Administrator admin
    3COMOfficeConnect 812 ADSL01.50-01 admin (none)
    3COMOfficeConnect 812 ADSL01.50-01 admin (none)
    3COMOfficeConnect ADSL Wireless 11g Firewall Router3CRWDR100-72 (none) admin
    3COMOfficeConnect Wireless 11g Cable/DSL Gateway  (none) admin
    3COMOfficeConnect Wireless 11g Cable/DSL Gateway  (none) admin
    3COMShark FinComcast-supplied User Password
    3COMSS III Switch4xxx (4900 - sure) recovery recovery
    3COMsuper  admin (none)
    3COMSuper Stack 2 SwitchAny manager manager
    3COMSuperstack  (none) (none)
    3COMSuperStack / CoreBuilder  admin (none)
    3COMSuperStack / CoreBuilder  read (none)
    3COMSuperStack / CoreBuilder  write (none)
    3COMSuperStack 34400-49XX manager manager
    3COMSuperStack 34XXX admin (none)
    3COMSuperStack 34XXX monitor monitor
    3COMSuperStack 3 Switch 3300XM  admin (none)
    3COMsuperstack II1100/3300 3comcso RIP000
    3COMSuperstack II3300FX admin (none)
    3COMSuperstack II Dual Speed 500  security security
    3COMsuperstack II Netbuilder11.1 (none) (none)
    3COMSuperStack II Switch2200 debug synnet
    3COMSuperStack II Switch2700 tech tech
    3COMSuperStack II Switch2700 tech tech
    3COMSuperStack II Switch1100 manager manager
    3COMSuperStack II Switch1100 security security
    3COMSuperStack II Switch2200 debug synnet
    3COMSuperStack II Switch2700 tech tech
    3COMSuperStack II Switch3300 manager manager
    3COMSwitch3300XM admin admin
    3COMSwitch3300XM admin admin
    3COMSwitch 3000/3300  manager manager
    3COMSwitch 3000/3300  admin admin
    3COMSwitch 3000/3300  security security
    3COMSwitch 3000/3300  Admin 3Com
    3COMSwitch 3000/3300  monitor monitor
    3COMSwitch 3000/3300  admin admin
    3COMWireless APANY admin comcomcom
    3MVOL-0215 etc.  volition volition
    3ware3DM  Administrator 3ware
    abcabc79 prash hello
    ACCRouters  netman netman
    Acc/NewbridgeCongo/Amazon/TigrisAll versions netman netman
    Acc/NewbridgeCongo/Amazon/TigrisAll versions netman netman
    Accelerated NetworksDSL CPE and DSLAM  sysadm anicust
    AcctonWirelessrouterT-online none 0
    AceexModem ADSL Router  admin (none)
    ActiontecWireless Broadband Router  admin password
    adaptec   (none) (none)
    Adaptec RAIDStorage Manager ProAll Administrator adaptec
    ADC KentroxPacesetter Router  (none) secret
    AddonGWAR3000/ARM8100  admin admin
    ADICScalar 100/1000  admin secure
    ADICScalar i2000  admin password
    adtranAgent Card  (none) ADTRAN
    adtranAtlas 800/800Plus/810Plus/550  (none) Password
    adtranExpress 5110/5200/5210  (none) adtran
    adtranMX2800  (none) adtran
    adtranNxIQ  (none) adtran
    adtranSmart 16/16e  (none) PASSWORD
    adtranSmart 16/16e  (none) (none)
    adtranT3SU 300  (none) adtran
    AdtranTSU 120 e  (none) ADTRAN
    AdtranTSU 120 e  (none) ADTRAN
    adtrantsu 600 ethernet module  18364 (none)
    adtranTSU IQ/DSU IQ  (none) (none)
    adtranTSU Router Module/L128/L768/1.5  (none) (none)
    AdvantekWireless LAN 802.11 g/b  admin (none)
    AethraStarbridge EU  admin password
    AirLinkAirlink 101 (AR430W)  Admin admin
    AironetAll  (none) (none)
    AirTies RT-210AirTies RT-210AirTies RT-210 admin admin
    alcatel   (none) (none)
    Alcatel1000 ANTWin98 (none) (none)
    ALCATEL4400  mtcl (none)
    Alcatel7300 ASAM  SUPERUSER ANS#150
    AlcatelOffice 4200  (none) 1064
    AlcatelOmniPCX Office4.1 ftp_admi kilo1987
    AlcatelOmniPCX Office4.1 ftp_oper help1954
    AlcatelOmniPCX Office4.1 ftp_inst pbxk1064
    AlcatelOmniPCX Office4.1 ftp_nmc tuxalize
    AlcatelOmniStack 6024  admin switch
    AlcatelOmnistack/omniswitch  diag switch
    AlcatelOmnistack/Omniswitch  diag switch
    AlcatelOXO1.3 (none) admin
    alcatelspeed touch home  (none) (none)
    AlcatelTimestep VPN 15203.00.026 root permit
    Alcatel/Newbridge/TimestepVPN Gateway 15xx/Any root permit
    Alcatel/Newbridge/TimestepVPN Gateway 15xx/Any root permit
    Alcatel/Newbridge/TimestepVPN Gateway 15xx/45xx/7xxxAny root permit
    AlliedTelesyn  manager friend
    Allied TelesynALAT8326GB  manager manager
    Allied TelesynAT Router  root (none)
    Allied TelesynAT-8024(GB)  (none) admin
    Allied TelesynAT-8024(GB)  manager admin
    Allied TelesynAT-AR130 (U) -10  Manager friend
    Allied TelesynAT8016F  manager friend
    Allied TenysinR130  Manager friend
    AllnetALL0275 802.11g AP1.0.6 none admin
    AllnetAll0299v.1.39.06 Admin admin
    AllnetT-DSL ModemSoftware Version: v1.51 admin admin
    AlteonACEDirector3  admin (none)
    AlteonACEswitch180e admin admin
    AlteonACEswitch180e admin linga
    AlteonACEswitch180e admin (none)
    AlteonACEswitch 180e (telnet)  admin blank
    AlteonAD49 admin admin
    Alteon Web SystemsAll hardware releasesWeb OS 5.2 none admin
    AMBITADSL  root (none)
    AmbitCable Modem  root root
    AmbitCable Modem 60678eu1.12 root root
    Ambitntl:home 2002.67.1011 root root
    Amitechwireless routerany admin admin
    Andover ControlsInfinityany acc acc
    AOCzenworks 4.0  (none) admin
    ApacheTomcat Web Server Administration Tool5 admin (none)
    APC9606 Smart Slot  (none) backdoor
    APCAnyFirmware Pri apcuser apc
    APCMasterSwitches  apc apc
    APCSmart UPS  apc apc
    apcSmartups 3000  apc apc
    APCUPSes (Web/SNMP Mgmt Card)  device device
    APCUSV Network Management Card  (none) TENmanUFactOryPOWER
    AppleAirport1.1 none public
    AppleAirport Base Station (Dual Ethernet)2 (none) password
    AppleAirPort Base Station (Graphite)2 (none) public
    AppleAirport Extreme Base Station2 (none) admin
    appleairport51.0.09 root admin
    AppleNetwork Assistant3.X None xyzzy
    Appliance   (none) (none)
    Applied InnovationsAIscout  scout scout
    ArecaRAID controllers  admin 0
    Arescommodem/router10XX (none) atc123
    Arrowpointany?  admin system
    ARtemComPoint - CPD-XT-bCPD-XT-b (none) admin
    AsanteFM2008  admin asante
    AsanteFM2008  superuser (none)
    AsanteIntraStack  IntraStack Asante
    AsanteIntraSwitch  IntraSwitch Asante
    AscendAll TAOS modelsall admin Ascend
    AscendPipeline Terminal Server  answer (none)
    AscendRouter  (none) ascend
    AscendSahara  root ascend
    AscendYurie  readonly lucenttech2
    AscomAscotel PBXALL (none) 3ascotel
    AscomTimeplex RoutersAny See notes (none)
    asmackrouterar804u admin epicrouter
    AsmaxAr-804u  admin epicrouter
    ASMAXAR701u / ASMAX AR6024  admin epicrouter
    ASMAXAR800C2  admin epicrouter
    ASMAXAR800C2  admin epicrouter
    AspectACD6 DTA TJM
    AspectACD6 customer none
    AspectACD7 DTA TJM
    AspectACD8 DTA TJM
    AsusASUS SMTA RouterFirmware: admin admin
    AsusASUS WL-330 Pocket Wireless Access Point  admin admin
    AsusP5P800  (none) admin
    AsusWL-500G1.7.5.6 admin admin
    Asuswl300All admin admin
    Asuswl500All admin admin
    AsusWL500g Deluxe  admin admin
    Asuswl503gAll admin admin
    AT&TStarlan SmartHUB9.9 (none) manager
    ATLP1000  operator 1234
    ATLP1000  Service 5678
    AtlantisA02-RA141  admin atlantis
    AtlantisI-Storm Lan Router ADSL  admin atlantis
    AvayaCajunP550R P580 P880 and P882 diag danger
    AvayaCajunP550R P580 P880 and P882 manuf xxyyzz
    AvayaCajun P33xfirmware before 3.11.0 (none) admin
    AvayaCajun Pxxx  root root
    AvayaCMS Supervisor11 root cms500
    AvayaDefinity  dadmin dadmin01
    AvayaDefinityG3Si craft (none)
    Avayadefinityup to rev. 6 craft crftpw
    Avayag3Rv6 root ROOT500
    AvayaP333  root ggdaseuaimhrke
    AvayaP333  Administrator ggdaseuaimhrke
    AvayaPxxx41761 manuf xxyyzz
    AvayaPxxx41761 diag danger
    AvocentCycladeLinux hostnamehere 2.6.11 root tslinux
    AWARDAny BIOS  AWARD_SW (none)
    AxentNetProwler managerWinNT administrator admin
    AXIS200 V1.32  admin (none)
    axis2100  (none) (none)
    Axis2100 Network CameraLinux (ETRAX root pass
    Axis540/542 Print Server  root pass
    AxisAll Axis PrintserverAll root pass
    AxisNETCAM200/240 root pass
    AxisNETCAM200/240 root pass
    AxisNPS 5305.02 root pass
    AXISStorPoint CD1004.28 root pass
    AxisWebcams  root pass
    AXUSAXUS YOTTA  (none) 0
    aztechDSL-600E  admin admin
    AztecjDSL 600EU62.53.2 isp isp
    AztecjDSL 600EU62.53.2 root admin
    Bausch DatacomRouter WirelessProxima PRI ADSL PSTN admin epicrouter
    bay   (none) (none)
    Bay   (none) (none)
    baycv1001003  (none) (none)
    Bay / NortelARN13.2 Manager (caps count !) (none)
    Bay Network RoutersAll  User (none)
    Bay NetworksASN / ARN RoutersAny Manager Manager
    Bay NetworksBaystack  (none) NetICs
    Bay NetworksRouter  (none) User
    Bay NetworksRouter  User (none)
    Bay NetworksRouter  Manager (none)
    Bay NetworksSuperStack II  security security
    Bay NetworksSuperStack II  security security
    Bay NetworksSwitch350T (none) NetICs
    Bay NetworksSwitch350T (none) NetICs
    Bay/Nortel NetworksAccelar 1xxx switchesAny rwa rwa
    Bay/Nortel NetworksRemote Annex 2000Any admin IP address
    BBR-4MG and BBR-4HGBUFFALOALL root n/a
    BEA   (none) (none)
    BEAWeblogic5.1 system weblogic
    BeetelADSL Modem220X admin password
    BelkinF5D6130  (none) MiniAP
    BelkinF5D7150FB (none) admin
    Benqawl 700 wireless router1.3.6 Beta-002 admin admin
    bewan   (none) (none)
    BillionBipac 5100  admin admin
    BillionBIPAC-640 AC640AE100 (none) (none)
    Bintec   (none) (none)
    Bintecall RoutersAny admin bintec
    BinTecBianca/BrickXM-5.1 (none) snmp-Trap
    BintecBianka Routers  admin bintec
    BinTecx120037834 admin bintec
    BinTecx2300i37834 admin bintec
    BinTecx320037834 admin bintec
    Biodataall Babylon Boxesall (none) Babylon
    BiodataBIGfire & BIGfire+all (none) biodata
    Blue Coat SystemsProxySG3.x admin articon
    BluecoatProxySG (all model)SGOS 3 / SGOS4 admin admin
    BMCPatrol6 patrol patrol
    BMC SoftwarePatrolall Administrator the same all over
    Borlandinterbase  (none) (none)
    BorlandInterbaseAny politcally correct
    Borland/InpriseInterbaseany SYSDBA masterkey
    BreezeCOM 3.x (none) Master
    BreezeComAP10 SA10BreezeNET PR (none) (none)
    BreezecomBreezecom Adapters2.x (none) laflaf
    BreezecomBreezecom Adapters2.x (none) laflaf
    BreezecomBreezecom Adapters3.x (none) Master
    BreezecomBreezecom Adapters3.x (none) Master
    BreezecomBreezecom Adapters4.4.x (none) Helpdesk
    BreezecomBreezecom Adapters4.x (none) Super
    BreezeCOMStation Adapter and Access Point2.x (none) laflaf
    BreezeCOMStation Adapter and Access Point4.x (none) Super
    BroadlogicXLT router  admin admin
    BroadlogicXLT router  installer installer
    BroadlogicXLT router  webadmin webadmin
    BrocadeFabric OS  admin password
    BrocadeFabric OSAll root fivranne
    BrocadeSilkworm  admin password
    BrocadeSilkwormall admin password
    BrotherHL-1270n  (none) access
    BrotherHL5270DN  admin access
    BrotherMFC-420CNFirmware Ver.C (none) access
    BrotherNC-2100p  (none) access
    BrotherNC-3100h  (none) access
    BrotherNC-4100h  (none) access
    BTBTVOYAGER 2100 ADSL ROUTER2.18 admin admin
    BuffaloWireless Broadband Base Station-gWLA-G54 WBR-G54 root (none)
    BUFFALOWLAR-L11-L / WLAR-L11G-L  root (none)
    Buffalo TechnologyTeraStation  admin password
    Buffalo/MELCOAirStation WLA L11  root (cannot be changed) (no password by default)
    Cable And WirelessADSL Modem/Router  admin 1234
    Cabletronanyany (none)(none) (none)(none)
    CabletronNB SeriesAny (none) inuvik49
    CabletronNetgear modem/router and SSR  netman (none)
    Cabletron routers and switches** blank blank
    canyonrouter  Administrator admin
    Cayman3220 H DSL RouterGatorSurf 5. Any (none)
    CaymanCayman DSL  (none) (none)
    celerity   (none) (none)
    CelerityMediator  root Mau?dib
    CelerityMediatorMulti mediator mediator
    CellitCCPro  cellit cellit
    Chase ResearchIolan+  (none) iolan
    CheckpointSecurePlatformNG FP3 admin admin
    CipherTrustIronMailAny admin password
    cisco160012.05 (none) (none)
    cisco1600  (none) (none)
    cisco1601  (none) (none)
    cisco1601  (none) (none)
    Cisco2503  (none) (none)
    cisco2600  Administrator admin
    cisco2600  cisco (none)
    cisco3600  Administrator admin
    CiscoAironet  Cisco Cisco
    CiscoAironet  (none) _Cisco
    CiscoAironet 1200  root Cisco
    Ciscoanyaany IOS no default login no default password
    CiscoAny Router and Switch10 thru 12 cisco cisco
    CiscoAP1200IOS Cisco Cisco
    CiscoArrowpoint  admin system
    CISCOarrowpoint  (none) (none)
    CiscoBBSD MSDE Client5.0 and 5.1 bbsd-client NULL
    CiscoBBSM5.0 and 5.1 bbsd-client changeme2
    CiscoBBSM Administrator5.0 and 5.1 Administrator changeme
    CiscoBBSM MSDE Administrator5.0 and 5.1 sa (none)
    CISCOCache Engine  admin diamond
    CiscoCallManager  admin admin
    CiscoCatalyst 4000/5000/6000All (none) public/private/secret
    CiscoCisco Wireless Location Appliance2700 Series prior to root password
    CiscoCiscoWorks 2000  guest (none)
    CiscoCiscoWorks 2000  admin cisco
    CiscoCiso Aironet 1100 seriesRev. 01 (none) Cisco
    CiscoCNRAll admin changeme
    CiscoConfigMaker  cmaker cmaker
    CiscoConfigMaker  cmaker cmaker
    CiscoConfigMaker Softwareany? (none) cmaker
    CiscoContent Engine  admin default
    ciscocva 122  admin admin
    ciscoGSR  admin admin
    CiscoHSE  root blender
    CiscoHSE  hsa hsadb
    CiscoIDS (netranger)  root attack
    CiscoMeetingPlace  technician 2 + last 4 of Audio Server chasis Serial case-sensitive + 561384
    CiscoMGX* superuser superuser
    CISCON/AN/A pixadmin pixadmin
    CiscoNet Ranger 2.2.1Sol 5.6 root attack
    CiscoNetranger/secure IDS  netrangr attack
    CiscoNetranger/secure IDS3.0(5)S17 root attack
    CISCONetwork Registrar3 ADMIN changeme
    CiscoONSall CISCO15 otbu+1
    CiscoPIX6.3 enable (none)
    CiscoPIX firewall  (none) cisco
    CiscoroutersNot sure...j (none) san(none)fran
    CiscoVPN 3000 Concentrator  admin admin
    CiscoVPN Concentrator 3000 series3 admin admin
    CiscoWLSE  root blender
    CiscoWLSE  wlse wlsedb
    CiscoWLSEall enable (none)
    CiscoWSLEall wlseuser wlsepassword
    CitelHandset Gateway  citel password
    CitelHandset Gateway  (none) citel
    CMOS BIOS   (none) ESSEX or IPC
    CNETCNET 4PORT ADSL MODEMCNAD NF400 admin epicrouter
    CNETCSH-2400Wunk admin 1234
    CobaltRaQ * Qube*Any admin admin
    ColubrisMSC  admin admin
    Com21   (none) (none)
    COM3OLe  admin admin
    Comcast Home NetworkingComcast Home NetworkingALL comcast (none)
    Comersus Shopping Cart3.2Win 95/98/NT admin dmr99
    compaq   (none) (none)
    CompaqInsight Manager  user user
    CompaqInsight Manager  administrator administrator
    CompaqInsight Manager  PFCUser 240653C9467E45
    CompaqInsight Manager  user public
    CompaqInsight Manager  anonymous (none)
    CompaqInsight Manager  operator operator
    CompaqInsight Manager  Administrator administrator
    CompaqInsight Manager  operator operator
    CompaqManagement AgentsAll administrator none
    Comtrendct-536+  admin admin
    Comtrendct-536+  admin 1234
    comtrendct536+  admin (none)
    ConceptronicC54BRS4  admin 1234
    conexantACCESS RUNNER ADSL CONSOLE PORT 3.27  Administrator admin
    ConexantRouter  (none) epicrouter
    ConexantRouter  (none) admin
    copper mountain   (none) (none)
    Coppercom   (none) (none)
    corecess3113  admin (none)
    Corecess6808 APC  corecess corecess
    CorecessCorecess 3112  Administrator admin
    Coyote PointEqualiser 4Free BSD eqadmin (none) Serial port only equalizer
    Coyote PointEqualiser 4Free BSD root (none) Serial port only (none)
    Coyote PointEqualiser 4Free BSD look (none) Web Browser only (Read a look
    Coyote PointEqualiser 4Free BSD touch (none) Web Browser only (Write touch
    creative2015U  (none) (none)
    CrossbeamCOS / XOS  (none) x40rocks
    CTC UnionATU-R13081001a root root
    cuproplusbus  (none) (none)
    cyberguardall firewallsall cgadmin cgadmin
    CycladesMP/RT  super surt
    CycladesPR 1000  super surt
    CycladesTS800  root tslinux
    D LinkDI 7012.22 (?) (none) (none)
    D LinkDI 704  (none) admin
    D-Link106 ISDN router  (none) 1234
    D-Link206 ISDN router1.* Admin Admin
    D-Link504g adsl router  admin admin
    D-Link538TX 10/100 AdapterWindows 98 (none) (none)
    D-Link604  (none) admin
    D-Link701 Cable/DSL Gateway/Firewall  (none) year2000
    D-Linkads500g  admin admin
    D-Linkadsl  admin admin
    D-LinkD-704P  admin admin
    D-LinkD-704Prev b admin (none)
    D-LinkDCS-950Camera admin (none)
    D-LinkDCS-950Camera admin (none)
    D-LinkDG-102S  (none) (none)
    D-LinkDI-514  user (none)
    D-Linkdi-524  admin (none)
    D-LinkDI-524all admin (none)
    D-LinkDI-524all user (none)
    D-LinkDI-524E1 Alphanetworks wrgg15_di524
    D-LinkDI-6042.02 admin admin
    D-LinkDI-6041.62b+ admin (none)
    D-LinkDI-604E2 admin password
    D-LinkDI-604  admin (none)
    D-LinkDI-614+  user (none)
    D-LinkDI-614+  admin admin
    D-LinkDI-614+any admin (none)
    D-LinkDI-624all admin (none)
    D-LinkDI-634M  admin (none)
    D-LinkDI-704  (none) admin
    D-LinkDI-704rev a (none) admin
    D-LinkDI-704P (none) admin
    D-LinkDi-707p router  admin (none)
    D-LinkDI-804v2.03 admin (none)
    D-Linkdi704  (none) admin
    D-LinkDI824VUP  admin (none)
    D-LinkDI824VUP  admin (none)
    D-LinkDIR  admin (none)
    D-LinkDKVM-8E  (none) OOOOOOOO
    D-LinkDSL-300g+Teo admin admin
    D-LinkDsl-300g+Teo (none) private
    D-LinkDSL-302G  admin admin
    D-LinkDSL-500  admin admin
    D-LinkDSL-504T  admin admin
    D-LinkDSL-G604T  admin admin
    D-LinkDSL-G664TA1 admin admin
    D-LinkDSL500G  admin admin
    D-LinkDWL 1000  admin (none)
    D-LinkDWL 2000AP1.13 admin (none)
    D-LinkDWL 2100AP  admin (none)
    D-LinkDWL 2100AP  admin (none)
    D-LinkDWL 6142.03 admin (none)
    D-LinkDWL 614rev a rev b admin (none)
    D-LinkDWL 7100AP  admin (none)
    D-LinkDWL 810 admin (none)
    D-LinkDWL 900  admin (none)
    D-LinkDWL 900AP  (none) public
    D-LinkDWL 900APrev a rev b rev c admin (none)
    D-LinkDWL G730AP1.1 admin (none)
    D-LinkDWL-900AP+  admin (none)
    D-LinkDWL-G700AP  admin (none)
    D-LinkEBR  admin (none)
    D-Linkfirewalldfl-200 admin admin
    D-LinkG624T  admin admin
    D-LinkGaming Router (none) (none)
    D-Linkhubs/switches  D-Link D-Link
    D-LinkKR-1  admin (none)
    D-Linkwa501 admin admin
    D-LinkWBR admin (none)
    Dallas SemiconductorsTINI embedded JAVA Module3D 1.0 root tini
    DatacomBSASX/101  none letmein
    Datawizard.netFTPXQ server  anonymous any@
    DavolinkDV2020  user user
    DavoxUnison  admin admin
    DavoxUnison  root davox
    DavoxUnison  sa (none)
    DavoxUnison  davox davox
    DeerfieldMDaemon  MDaemon MServer
    Dell2161DS Console Switch  Admin (none)
    DellLaser Printer 3000cn / 3100cn  admin password
    DellPowerapp Web 100 LinuxRedHat 6.2 root powerapp
    DellPowerConnect 2724  admin (none)
    DellPowerVault 35F  root calvin
    DellPowerVault 50FWindRiver (E root calvin
    DellRemote Access Card  root calvin
    DemarcNetwork Monitor  admin my_DEMARC
    Deutsch TelekommT-Sinus 130 DSL  (none) 0
    Deutsche TelekomT-Sinus 1054 DSLAll (none) 0
    Deutsche TelekomT-Sinus 154 DSL13.9.38 (none) 0
    Deutsche TelekomT-Sinus DSL 130  admin (none)
    Develcon   (none) BRIDGE
    Develcon   (none) password
    DI624D-LINKC3 admin password
    DictaphoneProLog  NETWORK NETWORK
    DictaphoneProLog  PBX PBX
    DictaphoneProLog  NETOP (none)
    DigiboardPortserver 8 & 16any root dbps
    DigicomMichelangelo  admin michelangelo
    DigicomMichelangelo  user password
    DIGICOMMichelangelo Wave108  root admin
    digicomWavegate 54C  Admin (none)
    DigicorpRouter  (none) BRIDGE
    DigicorpRouter  (none) password
    DigicorpViper  (none) password
    DigicorpViper  (none) BRIDGE
    DragonWaveHorizon Series NOC NOC
    DraytekVigorall admin admin
    DraytekVigor 2600  admin (none)
    DraytekVigor 2900+  admin admin
    DraytekVigor3300 series  draytek 1234
    Dupont Digital Water ProoferSun Sparcany root par0t
    DynalinkRTA230  admin admin
    E-ConEcon DSL Router  admin epicrouter
    E-TechADSL Ethernet RouterAnnex A v2 admin epicrouter
    E-TechRouterRTBR03 (none) admin
    E-TechWireless 11Mbps Router Model:WLRT03  (none) admin
    eci   (none) (none)
    EdimaxBroadband RouterHardware: Rev A. Boot Code: 1.0 Runtime Code 2.63 admin 1234
    EdimaxEdimax Fast Ethernet Switch  admin password
    EdimaxES-5224RXM  admin 123
    EdimaxEW-7205APLFirmware release 2.40a-00 guest (none)
    EdimaxEW-7206APG  admin 1234
    Edimaxwireless adsl routerAR-7024 admin epicrouter
    Efficient   (none) (none)
    Efficient5851  login password
    Efficient5871 DSL Routerv 5.3.3-0 login admin
    EfficientSpeedstream DSL  (none) admin
    EfficientSpeedstream DSL  (none) admin
    Efficient Networks5851 SDSL RouterN/A (none) hs7mwxkk
    Efficient NetworksEN 5861  login admin
    Efficient NetworksSpeedstream 5711Teledanmark version (only .dk) (none) 4getme2
    ElronFirewall2.5c hostname/ip address sysadmin
    ElsaLANCom Office ISDN Router800/1000/1100 (none) cisco
    emaihotmail  (none) (none)
    EMCDS-4100B  admin (none)
    EnterasysANG-1105unknown admin netadmin
    EnterasysANG-1105unknown (none) netadmin
    EnterasysVertical HorizonANY admin (none)
    EnterasysVertical HorizonVH-2402S tiger tiger123
    EntrustgetAccess4.x and 7.x websecadm changeme
    EricssonACC  netman netman
    EricssonBP250  admin default
    Ericssonericsson acc  (none) (none)
    EricssonEricsson Acc  netman netman
    EricssonEricsson Acc  netman netman
    EricssonMD110  MD110 help
    Ericssonmd110 pabxup-to-bc9 (none) help
    Ericsson (formerly ACC)Any routerall netman netman
    Ericsson ACCTigris PlatformAll public (none)
    EverFocusPowerPlexEDR1600 operator operator
    EverFocusPowerPlexEDR1600 admin admin
    EverFocusPowerPlexEDR1600 supervisor supervisor
    ExabyteMagnum20  anonymous Exabyte
    Extended SystemsExtendNet 4000 / Firewallall Versions admin admin
    Extended SystemsPrint Servers  admin extendnet
    ExtremeAllAll Admin (none)
    ExtremeAll Summits  admin (none)
    extremeblack diamond  (none) (none)
    Extreme NetworksAll Switches  admin (none)
    F5Bigip 540  root default
    F5-NetworksBIGIP  (none) (none)
    Flowpoint100 IDSN  admin admin
    Flowpoint144 2200 DSL RoutersALL (none) password
    FlowPoint144 2200 DSL RoutersALL (none) admin
    Flowpoint2200  (none) Serial Num
    Flowpoint2200  (none) Serial Num
    Flowpoint2200 SDSL  admin admin
    Flowpoint40 IDSL  admin admin
    FlowpointDSL  (none) password
    FlowpointFlowpoint DSL  admin admin
    FonLa fonera0.7.1 r1 admin admin
    fore   (none) (none)
    Fore SystemsASX 1000/12006.x ami (none)
    FortinetFortiAnalyzerAll models admin (none)
    FortinetFortigate  maintainer bcpb+serial#
    FortinetFortigate  admin (none)
    FortinetFortigate  maintainer admin
    Foundry NetworksIronView Network ManagerVersion 01.6.00a(service pack) 0620031754 admin admin
    Foundry NetworksServerIronXLAny (none) (none)
    FreetechBIOS  (none) Posterie
    FreetechPC BIOS  (none) Posterie
    fujitsul460  (none) (none)
    Fujitsu SiemensFibre Channel SAN storage FX 60  manage !manage
    Fujitsu SiemensFibre Channel SAN storage FX 60  manage !manage
    Fujitsu SiemensRouters  (none) connect
    Funk SoftwareSteel Belted Radius3.x admin radius
    Future NetworksFN 110C Docsis cablemodemAny (none) (none)
    gatwaysolo9100win95 (none) (none)
    General InstrumentsSB2100D Cable Modem  test test
    GericomPhoenix  Administrator (none)
    giga8ippro1000  Administrator admin
    gonet   fast abd234
    GrandstreamGXP-2000  admin (none)
    greatspeedDSL  netadmin nimdaten
    guard   (none) (none)
    GuruWireless ADSL2  admin admin
    GVCe800/rb4  Administrator admin
    HackHCK1.0 Admin cclfb
    Hewlett Packard2300  admin admin
    Hewlett PackardHP Jetdirect (All Models)Any none none
    Hewlett PackardISEE  admin isee
    Hewlett PackardLaserJet Net PrintersOnes with Jetdirect on them Anonymous (none)
    Hewlett PackardLaserJet Net PrintersOnes with Jetdirect on them (none) (none)
    Hewlett PackardLaserJet Net PrintersOnes with Jetdirect on them (none) (none)
    Hewlett PackardLaserJet Net PrintersOnes with Jetdirect on them (none) (none)
    Hewlett PackardMPE&XL  HELLO MANAGER.SYS
    Hewlett PackardMPE&XL  HELLO MGR.SYS
    Hewlett PackardMPE&XL  MGR CAROLIAN
    Hewlett PackardMPE&XL  MGR CCC
    Hewlett PackardMPE&XL  OPERATOR COGNOS
    Hewlett PackardMSL Series Libraries  Factory 56789
    Hewlett PackardPower Manager3 admin admin
    Hewlett Packardsa7200  admin (none)
    Hewlett Packardsa7200  admin admin
    Hewlett Packardt5000 Thin Client series  Administrator admin
    Hewlett Packardwebmin0.84 admin
    hp   (none) (none)
    hp4150  (none) (none)
    Huaweimt820V100R006C01B021 admin admin
    HuaweiMT880  admin admin
    HuaweiMT880r  TMAR#HWMT8007079 (none)
    iblitzzBWA711/All ModelsAll admin admin
    IBM2210RIP def trade
    IBM3534 F08 Fibre Switch  admin password
    IBM3583 Tape Library  admin secure
    IBM390e  (none) admin
    IBM8224 HUB  vt100 public
    IBM8239 Token Ring HUB2.5 (none) R1QTPS
    IBMa20m  (none) admin
    IBMA21m  (none) (none)
    IBMAIX  (none) (none)
    IBMAS/400  qsecofr qsecofr
    IBMAS/400  qsysopr qsysopr
    IBMAS/400  qpgmr qpgmr
    IBMAS/400  (none) (none)
    ibmas400  (none) (none)
    IBMAscend OEM Routers  (none) ascend
    IBMBladeCenter Mgmt Console  USERID PASSW0RD
    IBMDB2WinNT db2admin db2admin
    IBMDirectory - Web Administration Tool5.1 superadmin secret
    IBMHardware Management Console3 hscroot abc123
    IBMIBM  (none) (none)
    IBMInfoprint 6700  root (none)
    IBMLAN Server / OS/22.1 3.0. 4. username password
    IBMLotus Domino Go WebServer (net.commerce edition)ANY ? webadmin webibm
    IBMNetCommerce PRO3.2 ncadmin ncadmin
    IBMra6000AIX Unix (none) (none)
    IBMRemote Supervisor Adapter (RSA)  USERID PASSW0RD
    IBMRS/6000AIX root ibm
    IBMswitch8275-217 admin (none)
    IBMT20  (none) admin
    IBMT42  Administrator admin
    IBMTotalStorage Enterprise Server  storwatch specialist
    iDirectiNFINITY series3000/5000/7000 root iDirect
    iDirectiNFINITY series3000/5000/7000 admin P@55w0rd!
    ihoioihohlknlkn Administrator pilou
    IMAITraffic ShaperTS-1012 (none) (none)
    Imperia SoftwareImperia Content Managment SystemUnix/NT superuser superuser
    inchoninchoninchon admin admin
    infactagroup mail  Administrator (none)
    InfobloxINFOBLOX Appliance  admin (none)
    InfosmartSOHO router  admin 0
    INOVAONT4BKP (IP clock)all iclock timely
    Integral TechnologiesRemoteView4 Administrator letmein
    Intel510TAny (none) admin
    IntelAll RoutersAll Versions (none) babbit
    IntelAll RoutersAll Versions (none) babbit
    IntelExpress 520T Switch  setup setup
    IntelExpress 9520 Router  NICONEX NICONEX
    IntelIntel PRO/Wireless 2011 Wireless LAN Access PointAny (none) Intel
    intelnetstructure480t admin (none)
    IntelShiva  root (none)
    IntelShiva  Guest (none)
    IntelWireless AP 20112.21 (none) Intel
    IntelWireless Gateway3.x intel intel
    Intelwireless lan access Point  (none) comcomcom
    Intel/ShivaAccess PortAll admin hello
    Intel/ShivaMezza ISDN RouterAll admin hello
    InterbaseInterbase Database ServerAll SYSDBA masterkey
    IntermecMobile LAN5.25 intermec intermec
    IntershopIntershop4 operator $chwarzepumpe
    IntersystemsCache Post-RDMS  system sys
    intexorganizer  (none) (none)
    IntracomjetSpeed520/520i admin admin
    InventelLivebox  admin admin
    ionnelunel Administrator admin
    ionnelunel (none) admin
    iPSTARiPSTAR Network Boxv.2+ admin operator
    iPSTARiPSTAR Satellite Router/Radiov2 admin operator
    IpswitchWhats up Gold 6.0Windows 9x a admin admin
    IrongateNetSurvibox 2661 admin NetSurvibox
    IronPortMessaging Gateway Appliance  admin ironport
    JAHTadsl routerAR41/2A admin epicrouter
    janta sales254compaq janta sales janta211
    janta sales254compaq janta sales janta211
    JD EdwardsWorldVision/OneWorldAll(?) JDE JDE
    JDEWorldVision/OneWorld  PRODDTA PRODDTA
    JDS MicroprocessingHydra 3000r2.02 hydrasna (none)
    JetformJetform_design  Jetform (none)
    JuniperISG2000  netscreen netscreen
    JuniperNetscreen3.2 serial# serial#
    KalatelCalibur DSR-2000e  (none) 8111
    KalatelCalibur DSR-2000e  (none) Admin
    KASDAKD318-MUIkasda adsl router and modem admin adslroot
    Kawa   (none) (none)
    Konica Minoltamagicolor 2300 DL  (none) 1234
    Konica Minoltamagicolor 2430DLAll (none) (none)
    Konica Minoltamagicolor 5430 DL  admin administrator
    Konica/MinoltaDi 2010fn/a (none) 0
    KozumiKM-410WG1.5.3 admin admin
    KTIKS-2260  superuser 123456
    KTIKS2260  admin 123
    KTIKS2600  admin 123456
    KyoceraEcoLink7.2 (none) PASSWORD
    KyoceraIntermate LAN FS Pro 10/100K82_0371 admin admin
    KyoceraTelnet Server IB-20/21  root root
    LANCAST   (none) (none)
    LANCOMIL11  (none) (none)
    LanierDigital ImagerLD124c admin (none)
    LanierLD335  supervisor (none)
    LantronicsLantronics Terminal Server  (none) system
    LantronicsLantronics Terminal Server  (none) access
    LantronixETS16P  (none) (none)
    LantronixETS32PR  (none) (none)
    LantronixETS422PR  (none) (none)
    LantronixETS4P  (none) (none)
    LantronixLantronix Terminal  (none) lantronix
    LantronixLPS1 T Print Serverj11 16 any system
    LantronixLSB4any any system
    LantronixMSS100 MSSVIA UDS10Any (none) system
    LantronixPrinter and terminalservers  (none) system
    LantronixSCS100  (none) access
    LantronixSCS1620  sysadmin PASS
    LantronixSCS200  (none) admin
    LantronixSCS3200  login access
    LantronixSCS400  (none) admin
    latis networkborder guard  (none) (none)
    Leviton47611-GT5  admin leviton
    LGAria iPECSAll (none) jannie
    LGLAM200E / LAM200R  admin epicrouter
    LGICGoldstream2.5.1 LR(none)ISDN LR(none)ISDN
    Linkou School   bill bill
    Linkou School   bill bill
    linksys   (none) (none)
    LinksysAG 241 - ADSL2 Gateway with 4-Port Switch  admin admin
    linksysap 1120  (none) (none)
    LinksysBEFSR412 (none) admin
    LinksysBEFSR41  (blank) admin
    LinksysBEFSR7(1) OR (4)Standalone R blank admin
    LinksysBEFW11S41 admin (none)
    LinksysBEFW11S42 (none) admin
    LinksysCable/DSL routerAny (none) admin
    LinksysComcastComcast-supplied comcast 1234
    LinksysDSL  (none) admin
    LinksysEtherFast Cable/DSL ROuter  Administrator admin
    LinksysLinksys DSL  (none) admin
    LinksysLinksys Router DSL/Cable  (none) admin
    Linksysmodel WRT54GC compact wireless-G broadband router  (none) admin
    Linksysrv082  admin (none)
    LinksysWAG354G2 admin admin
    Linksyswag354g  admin admin
    LinksysWAG54G  admin admin
    LinksysWAG54GS  admin admin
    LinksysWAP11  (none) (none)
    LinksysWAP54G2 (none) admin
    LinksysWRT54G  admin admin
    Linksyswrt54g  admin admin
    LinksysWRT54GAll Revisions (none) admin
    LinksysWRT54GSV4 admin admin
    Linksys/ CiscoRTP300 w/2 phone ports1 user tivonpw
    Linksys/CiscoRTP300 w/2 phone ports1 admin admin
    LivingstonIRX Router  !root (none)
    LivingstonLivingston Portmaster 3  !root (none)
    LivingstonLivingston_officerouter  !root blank
    LivingstonLivingston_portmaster2/3  !root blank
    LivingstonOfficerouter  !root (none)
    LivingstonePortmaster 2R  root (none)
    Lockdown NetworksAll Lockdown Productsup to 2.7 setup changeme(exclamation)
    LogitechLogitech Mobile Headset  (none) 0
    longshineisscfg  admin 0
    lucent   (none) (none)
    LucentAnymedia  LUCENT01 UI-PSWD-01
    LucentAnymedia  LUCENT02 UI-PSWD-02
    LucentAP 1000  public public
    LucentB-STDX9000  (none) cascade
    LucentB-STDX9000  (any 3 characters) cascade
    LucentB-STDX9000all (none) cascade
    LucentCajun Family  root root
    LucentCBX 500  (none) cascade
    LucentCBX 500  (any 3 characters) cascade
    LucentCellpipe20A-GX-UK (none) admin
    LucentCellpipe 22A-BX-AR USB D  admin AitbISP4eCiG
    lucentdsl  (none) (none)
    LucentGX 550  (none) cascade
    LucentM770  super super
    LucentMAX-TNT  admin Ascend
    LucentPacketStar  Administrator (none)
    LucentPacketstar (PSAX)  readwrite lucenttech1
    LucentPortmaster 2  !root none
    lucentPortmaster 3unknown !root !ishtar
    LucentPSAX 1200 and below  root ascend
    LucentPSAX 1250 and above  readonly lucenttech2
    LucentPSAX 1250 and above  readwrite lucenttech1
    MacSenseX Router Pro  admin admin
    MarconiFore ATM Switches  ami (none)
    maxdata7000x  (none) (none)
    maxdatams2137  (none) (none)
    McAfeeSCM 31004.1 scmadmin scmchangeme
    McDataFC Switches/Directors  Administrator password
    MediatrixMDD 2400/2600  administrator (none)
    mediatrix 2102mediatrix 2102  admin 1234
    medionRouters  (none) medion
    MegastarBIOS  (none) star
    MentecMicro/RSX  MICRO RSX
    MentecMicro/RSX  MICRO RSX
    MERCURY234234234234 Administrator admin
    MERCURYKT133A/686B  Administrator admin
    MeridianPBXANY service smile
    microcomhdmsunknowen system hdms
    Micron bios (none) (none)
    Micronet3351 / 3354  admin epicrouter
    MicronetAccess PointSP912 root default
    MicronetMicronet SP5002  mac (none)
    MicroplexPrint Server  root root
    microRouter900i  (none) letmein
    Microrouter (Cisco)AnyAny (none) letmein
    Microrouter (Cisco)AnyAny (none) letmein
    Microsoftdefault Admin 11111
    MicrosoftKey Managment ServerWindows NT 4 (none) password
    MikrotikMikrotik  admin (none)
    MikrotikRouter OS42775 admin (none)
    MikrotikRouter OSall admin (none)
    Milanmil-sm801p  root root
    Minolta PagrProQMS 4100GN PagePro  (none) sysadm
    Minolta QMSMagicolor 31003.0.0 admin (none)
    Minolta QMSMagicolor 31003.0.0 operator (none)
    MintelMintel PBX  SYSTEM Admin
    Mitel3300 ICPall system password
    MitelSX2000all (none) (none)
    MotorolaCablerouter  cablecom router
    motorolacyber surfer  (none) (none)
    MotorolaMotorola Cablerouter  cablecom router
    MotorolaMotorola Cablerouter  cablecom router
    MotorolaMotorola Cablerouter  cablecom router
    MotorolaSBG900  admin motorola
    Motorolasgb900  admin motorola
    MotorolaSURFboardSBV5120 admin motorola
    Motorolavanguard  (none) (none)
    MotorolaWireless RouterWR850G admin motorola
    MotorolaWR850G4.03 admin motorola
    mro softwaremaximov4.1 SYSADM sysadm
    msdloto   (none) (none)
    msdlotomsdloto  (none) (none)
    Multi TechRASExpress Server5.30a guest none
    Mutare SoftwareEVM AdminAll (none) admin
    NAIEntercept  GlobalAdmin GlobalAdmin
    NAIIntrushield IPS1200/2600/4000 admin admin123
    NanoteqNetSeq firewall* admin NetSeq
    NECWARPSTAR-BaseStation  (none) (none)
    NetAppNetCacheany admin NetCache
    NetcommNB1300  admin password
    NetgaerRH328  (none) 1234
    netgear   (none) (none)
    NetgearADSL Modem DG632V3.3.0a_cx admin password
    NetgearCG814CCR2 cusadmin highspeed
    NetgearComcastComcast-supplied comcast 1234
    Netgeardg834  (none) admin
    Netgeardg834g  admin password
    NetgearDG834GT192.168.0.1 admin Password
    NetGearDM602  admin password
    NetgearFM114P  (none) (none)
    NetgearFR114P  admin password
    NetgearFR314  admin password
    NetgearFSM7326P 24+2 L3 mANAGED PoE Switch  admin (none)
    NetgearFVS114GR admin password
    NetgearFVS124GALL admin password
    NetgearFVS318  admin password
    NetgearFWG114P  (none) admin
    NetgearGS724tV1.0.1_1104 (none) password
    NetgearGSM7224  admin (none)
    NetgearISDN Router RH348  (none) 1234
    NetgearME102  (none) private
    NetgearMR-3143.26 admin 1234
    NetgearMR314  admin 1234
    NetgearMR814  admin password
    NetgearMR814v1 admin password
    NetgearRH348  (none) 1234
    NetgearRM356None (none) 1234
    NetgearRO318  admin 1234
    NetgearRouter/Modem  admin password
    NetgearRP1143.26 (none) 1234
    NetgearRP1143.20-3.26 admin 1234
    NetgearRP614  admin password
    NetgearRT311Any Admin 1234
    NetgearRT311/RT314  admin 1234
    NetgearRT314  admin admin
    NetgearRT314Any Admin 1234
    NetgearRT338  (none) 1234
    Netgearsc101  admin password
    NetgearWG6021.04.0 super 5777364
    NetgearWG6021.5.67 super 5777364
    NetgearWG6021.7.14 superman 21241036
    NetgearWG6021.7.x admin password
    NetgearWGR614v4 admin password
    NetgearWGR614v6 admin draadloos
    NetgearWGT6242 admin password
    NetgearWGT624  Gearguy Geardog
    NetgearWGT634U  admin password
    NetgearWifi RouterWGT 624 v3 admin password
    NetGenesisNetAnalysis Web Reporting  naadmin naadmin
    netlinkrt314  (none) (none)
    Netopia3351  (none) (none)
    Netopia4542  admin noway
    Netopia455v3.1 (none) (none)
    NetopiaNetopia 7100  (none) (none)
    NetopiaNetopia 9500  netopia netopia
    NetopiaNetopia 9500  netopia netopia
    NetopiaR71004.6.2 admin admin
    NetopiaR910  admin (none)
    NetportExpress 10/100  setup setup
    netscreenFirewall  netscreen netscreen
    Netscreenfirewall  Administrator (none)
    Netscreenfirewall  Administrator (none)
    Netscreenfirewall  admin (none)
    Netscreenfirewall  operator (none)
    NetscreenNS102 netscreen netscreen
    NetstarNetpilot  admin password
    NetworkNetCacheany admin NetCache
    Network AssociatesWebShield Security Appliance e250  e250 e250changeme
    Network AssociatesWebShield Security Appliance e500  e500 e500changeme
    Network EverywhereNWR11B  (none) admin
    Networks   (none) (none)
    NeXT NeXTStep 3.3 me (none)
    NGSecNGSecureWeb  admin (none)
    NGSecNGSecureWeb  admin asd
    NiksunNetDetector  vcr NetVCR
    NimbleBIOS  (none) xdfk9874t3
    NimblePC BIOS  (none) xdfk9874t3
    NOKIA7360  (none) 9999
    NokiaADSL router M1921  (none) nokia
    NokiaDSL Router M11221.1 - 1.2 m1122 m1122
    NokiaM1122unknown (none) Telecom
    NokiaM1921  (none) nokai
    NokiaMW1122  telecom telecom
    Nokia   Telecom NZM10  Telecom Telecom
    NOMADIXAG5000  admin (none)
    NortelAccelar (Passport) 1000 series routing switches  l2 l2
    NortelAccelar (Passport) 1000 series routing switches  ro ro
    NortelAccelar (Passport) 1000 series routing switches  rwa rwa
    NortelAccelar (Passport) 1000 series routing switches  l3 l3
    NortelAccelar (Passport) 1000 series routing switches  rw rw
    NortelBaystack 350-24T  (none) secure
    NortelBusiness Communications Manager3.5 and 3.6 supervisor PlsChgMe
    NortelContivityExtranet/VPN switches admin setup
    NortelContivity Extranet Switches2.x admin setup
    norteldms  (none) (none)
    NortelExtranet Switches  admin setup
    NortelMatra 6501 PBX  (none) 0
    NortelMeridian  (none) (none)
    NortelMeridian 1 PBXOS Release 2 0 0
    NortelNorstar  266344 266344
    NortelNorstar Modular ICSAny **ADMIN (**23646) ADMIN (23646)
    NortelNorstar Modular ICSAny **CONFIG (266344) CONFIG (266344)
    nortelp8600  (none) (none)
    NortelPassport 2430  Manager (none)
    NortelPhone SystemAll (none) 266344
    NortelRemote Office 9150  admin root
    NortelVPN Gateway  admin admin
    Nortel Networks (Bay)Instant InternetAny (none) (none)
    Northern Telecom(Nortel)Meridian 1  (none) m1link
    NRG or RICOHDSc338 Printer1.19 (none) password
    NullsoftShoutcast38361 admin changeme
    ODS1094 IS Chassis4.x ods ods
    OKI6120e and 421n  admin OkiLAN
    OKIC5700  root the 6 last digit of the MAC adress
    olitecsx 200 adsl modem router  admin adslolitec
    olitecsx 202 adsl modem router  admin admin
    OmnitronixData-LinkDL150 (none) SMDR
    OmnitronixData-LinkDL150 (none) SUPER
    OMRONMR104FH  (none) (none)
    OPEN Networks812L  root 0P3N
    OpenConnectOC://WebConnect Pro  helpdesk OCS
    OpenConnectOC://WebConnect Pro  admin OCS
    OpenConnectOC://WebConnect Pro  adminview OCS
    OpenConnectOC://WebConnect Pro  adminstat OCS
    OpenConnectOC://WebConnect Pro  adminuser OCS
    OpenConnectOC://WebConnect Pro  adminview OCS
    OpenwaveMSPAny cac_admin cacadmin
    OpenwaveWAP GatewayAny sys uplink
    OptivisionNac 3000 & 4000any root mpegvideo
    oracle   (none) (none)
    oracle   (none) (none)
    Oracle7 or later  system manager
    Oracle7 or later  sys change_on_install
    Oracle7 or laterAny Scott Tiger
    Oracle8i8.1.6 sys change_on_install
    Oracle8iall internal oracle
    OracleInternet Directory Serviceany cn=orcladmin welcome
    OracleOracle RDBMSAny system/manager sys/change_on_install
    oracle co.Database enginesevery sys change_on_install
    OsicomJETXPrint1000E/B sysadm sysadm
    OsicomJETXPrint1000E/N sysadm sysadm
    OsicomJETXPrint1000T/N sysadm sysadm
    OsicomJETXPrint500 E/B sysadm sysadm
    OsicomNETCommuterTelnet d.e.b.u.g User
    OsicomNETCommuterTelnet echo User
    OsicomNETCommuterTelnet guest User
    OsicomNETCommuterTelnet sysadm Admin
    OsicomNETCommuterTelnet Manager Admin
    OsicomNETCommuter Remote Access Server  sysadm sysadm
    OsicomNETPrint500 1000 1500 and 2000 Series echo echo
    OsicomNETPrint500 1000 1500 and 2000 Series debug d.e.b.u.g
    OsicomNETPrint500 1000 1500 and 2000 Series Manager Manager
    OsicomNETPrint500 1000 1500 and 2000 Series Manager 657
    OsicomNETPrint500 1000 1500 and 2000 Series guest guest
    OsicomNETPrint and JETX Print500 1000 1500 and 2000 Series sysadm sysadm
    OsicomOsicom Plus T1/PLUS 56k  write private
    OsicomOsicom Plus T1/PLUS 56k  write private
    Osicom(Datacom)Osicom(Datacom)  sysadm sysadm
    OverlandNEO Series Libraries  Factory 56789
    ovislinkWL-1120AP  root (none)
    OVISLINKWL8000AP WIRELESS G  12345 12345
    Pacific Micro DataMAST 9500 Universal Disk ArrayESM ver. 2.11 / 1 pmd (none)
    panasoniccf 274 (none) (none)
    PanasonicCF-28  (none) (none)
    PanasonicCF-45  (none) (none)
    PanasonicPBX TDA 100/200/400all (none) 1234
    PandatelEMUXall admin admin
    PansonicKXTD1232  admin 1234
    penril databilityvcp300 terminal server  (none) system
    PentagramCerberus ADSL modem + router  admin password
    PentaofficeSat Router  (none) pento
    PentaSafeVigilEnt Security Manager3 PSEAdmin $secure$
    PerleCS9000any admin superuser
    pfSensepfSense Firewall1.0.1 admin pfsense
    Phoenix v1.14Phoenix v1.14  Administrator admin
    PirelliAGE ADSL Router  user password
    PirelliAGE ADSL Router  admin microbusiness
    PirelliPirelli AGE-SB  admin smallbusiness
    PirelliPirelli Router  admin microbusiness
    PirelliPirelli Router  user password
    PirelliPirelli Router  admin mu
    PlainTreeWaveswitch 100  (none) default.password
    PlanetADE-4000  admin epicrouter
    PlanetADE-4110  admin epicrouter
    planetakcess point  admin admin
    planetAkcess Point  admin admin
    PlanetWAP 4000  admin admin
    PlanetWAP-1900/1950/200036561 (none) default
    PlanetXRT-401D  admin 1234
    PlanexBRL-04UR  admin 0
    PolycomiPower 9000  (none) (none)
    PolycomSoundPoint IP Phones  Polycom 456
    PolycomSoundpoint VoIP phones  Polycom SpIp
    PolycomViewStation 40003.5 (none) admin
    PrestigioNobile156 (none) (none)
    ProlinkH9000 Series  admin password
    PromiseNS4300N NAS  engmode hawk201
    ProximOrinoco 600/2000All (none) (none)
    Psion Teklogix9150  support h179350
    Psionteklogix91601 admin admin
    Psionteklogix91601 admin admin
    Pyramid ComputerBenHurall admin admin
    QLogicSANbox 5602 Fibre Channel Switch  admin password
    QLogicSANbox 5602 Fibre Channel Switch  images images
    Quintum Technologies Inc.Tenor Seriesall admin admin
    RadwareLinkproof  lp lp
    RadwareLinkproof3.73.03 radware radware
    Raidzoneraid arrays  (none) raidzone
    Ramp NetworksWebRamp  wradmin trancell
    Ramp NetworksWebRamp  wradmin trancell
    RapidStreamRS4000 RS8000Linux rsadmin rsadmin
    realtek8139  (none) (none)
    RedHatRedhat 6.2  piranha piranha
    RedHatRedhat 6.2  piranha q
    RemedyAnyAny Demo (none)
    ResearchBIOS  (none) Col2ogro2
    ResearchPC BIOS  (none) Col2ogro2
    Research MachinesClassroom AssistantWindows 95 manager changeme
    RicohAficioAP3800C sysadmin password
    RicohAficio 1013F  (none) sysadm
    RicohAficio 1018d  (none) sysadm
    RicohAficio 2020D  admin password
    RicohAficio 2228c  sysadmin password
    RicohAficio 2232C  (none) password
    RicohAficio 551  (none) sysadm
    RicohAficio AP3800C2.17 (none) password
    RicohAP410N1.13 admin (none)
    RicohRicohAficio MP 3500 1.0 admin (none)
    RoamAboutRoamAbout R2 Wireless Access Platform  admin password
    RodopiRodopi billing software 'AbacBill' sql database  rodopi rodopi
    SagemF@st 1200 (Fast 1200)  root 1234
    SAGEMFAST 1400  admin epicrouter
    sagemfast 1400w  root 1234
    SagemLivebox  admin admin
    SambaSWAT PackageLinux Any Local User Local User password
    SamsungMagicLAN SWL-3500RG2.15 public public
    samsungmodem/routeraht-e300 admin password
    samsungn620  (none) (none)
    Scientific AtlantaDPX2100Comcast-supplied admin w2402
    Secure ComputingWebwasherall admin (none)
    Securicor3NETCezzanneany manager friend
    Securicor3NETMonetany manager friend
    Senao2611CB3+D (802.11b Wireless AP)  admin (none)
    seninleyimben@skanel rattani admin admin
    SercomIP806GA  admin admin
    SercomIP806GB  admin admin
    Server TechnologySentry Remote Power Manager  ADMN admn
    Server TechnologySentry Remote Power Manager  GEN2 gen2
    Server TechnologySentry Remote Power Manager  GEN1 gen1
    SGIallall root n/a
    SGIEmbedded Support PartnerIRIX 6.5.6 Administrator Partner
    SGIIRIXALL lp lp
    SGIIRIXALL OutOfBox demos guest 4DGifts (none by default)
    SGIIRIXALL EZsetup (none)
    SharpAL-1655CS  admin Sharp
    sharpAR-407/S402  (none) (none)
    SharpAR-M155  admin Sharp
    SharpAR-M355N  admin Sharp
    SharpMX-3501n  Administrator admin
    SharpMX-5500  admin admin
    ShivaAccessPortAny hello hello
    ShivaAny?  Guest blank
    ShivaLanRoverany? root (none)
    ShoretelALL  admin changeme
    siemenspeedstream 5400059-e440-a02 admin (none)
    Siemens5940 T1E1 Router5940-001 v6.0.180-2 superuser admin
    SiemensGigasetAll (none) 0
    SiemensHipath3300-3750 31994 31994
    SiemensSE515  admin n/a
    SiemensSE560dsl  admin admin
    SiemensSpeedStream 4100  admin hagpolm1
    SiemensSpeedstream SS2614Hardware V. 01 (none) admin
    Siemens NixdorfBIOS  (none) SKY_FOX
    Siemens NixdorfPC BIOS  (none) SKY_FOX
    Siemens Pro C5Siemens  (none) (none)
    SigmaSigmacoma IPshareSigmacom router v1.0 admin admin
    Signamax065-7726S  admin admin
    SiipsTrojan8974202 Administrator ganteng
    silex technologyPRICOM (Printserver)  root (none)
    SilvercrestWR-6640Sg  admin admin
    sitaraqosworks  root (none)
    SitecomAll WiFi routers  (none) sitecom
    SitecomWL-0xx up to WL-17xall admin admin
    SmartSwitchRouter 250 ssr2500v3.0.9 admin (none)
    SMC2804wr  (none) smcadmin
    SMC7204BRA  smc smcadmin
    SMC7401BRA1 admin barricade
    SMC7401BRA2 smc smcadmin
    SMCBarricade  (none) admin
    SMCBarricade 7004 AWBR  admin (none)
    SMCBarricade7204BRB  admin smcadmin
    SMCModem/Router  cusadmin highspeed
    SMCMultiple Routers  (none) smcadmin OR administrator OR (none)
    SMCRouterAll admin admin
    SMCRouter/ModemBR7401 admin barricade
    SMCSMB2804WBRV2 Administrator smcadmin
    SMCsmc 7904BRA  (none) smcadmin
    SMCSMC broadband router  admin admin
    SMCSMC2804WBRv.1 (none) smcadmin
    SMCSMC7004VBR  (none) smcadmin
    SMCsmc7904wbrb  (none) smcadmin
    SMCSMC8013WG-CCR2.11.19-1d mso w0rkplac3rul3s
    SMCSMCWBR14-G  (none) smcadmin
    SMCSMCWBR14-G  (none) smcadmin
    SMCSMCWBR14-GSMCWBR14-G (none) smcadmin
    SMCWiFi RouterAll (none) smcadmin
    SnapgearProLite and SOHO 1.79 root default
    sohonbg800unknown admin 1234
    SOHOWARENBG800  admin 1234
    Solaris   (none) (none)
    Solution 6Viztopia Accounts  aaa often blank
    sonic wallany firewall deviceadmin password (none)
    Sonic-XSonicAnimeon root admin
    SonicWALLALLALL admin password
    SonicWallAny Firewall Device  admin password
    SOPHIA (Schweiz) AGProtector  root root
    SOPHIA (Schweiz) AGProtector  admin Protector
    SorensonSR-200  (none) admin
    SparklanWx-6215 D and G  admin admin
    Spectra Logic64000 Gator  operator (none)
    Spectra Logic64000 Gator  administrator (none)
    SpeedStream   (none) (none)
    SpeedStream5660  (none) adminttd
    Speedstream5667R4.0.1 (none) admin
    Speedstream5861 SMT Router  admin admin
    Speedstream5871 IDSL Router  admin admin
    SpeedstreamDSL  admin admin
    SpeedstreamRouter 250 ssr250  admin admin
    SpeedStream 5200-SerieSpeedStream  Administrator admin
    SpeedXessHASE-120  (none) speedxess
    Sphairon(Versatel WLAN-Router)  admin passwort
    Spider SystemsM250 / M250L  (none) hello
    SpikeCPE  enable (none)
    Sprint PCSSCH2000see notes Menu (none) 8 (none) 0 (see notes) 40793
    SSABPCSUp to 5.02 SSA SSA
    SsangyoungSR2501  (none) 2501
    stratacomallall stratacom stratauser
    Sun Solaris (none) (none)
    Sun SunOS 4.1.4 root (none)
    SunCobalt  admin admin
    SunJavaWebServer1.x 2.x admin admin
    Sun MicrosystemsILOM of X41001 root changeme
    surecomep3501/3506own os admin surecom
    SwissvoiceIP 10S  target password
    SybaseEAServer  jagadmin (none)
    SymbolAP-2412  (none) Symbol
    SymbolAP-3020  (none) Symbol
    SymbolAP-4111  (none) Symbol
    SymbolAP-4121  (none) Symbol
    SymbolAP-4131  (none) Symbol
    SymbolCB3000A1 admin symbol
    SymbolSpectrumseries 4100-4121 (none) Symbol
    Symnatec   (none) (none)
    SysKonnect6616  default.password (none)
    SysKonnect6616  default.password (none)
    SysMasterM10  admin 12345
    System/32VOS  install secret
    T-ComSpeedport Router Familyall (none) 0
    T-ComfortRouters  Administrator (none)
    Tandberg6000MXP  Admin (none)
    Tandberg DataDLT8000 Autoloader 10x  (none) 10023
    TandemTACL  super.super (none)
    TandemTACL  super.super master
    TeamXeniumOS2.3 xbox xbox
    TekelecEagle STP  eagle eagle
    TeklogixAccesspoint  Administrator (none)
    Telco SystemsEdge Link 100  telco telco
    Telebitnetblazer 3.*  setup/snmp setup/nopasswd
    telecomhome hauwei  operator (none)
    TeledatRouters  admin 1234
    TeletronicsWL-CPE-Router37320 admin 1234
    TelewellTW-EA200  admin password
    TelewellTW-EA501v1 admin admin
    Telindus1124  (none) (none)
    TelindusSHDSL1421yes admin admin
    telindustelindus2002 admin admin
    Tellabs7120  root admin_1
    TellabsTitan 5500FP 6.x tellabs tellabs#1
    tenda0.2W548D admin admin
    terayon 6.29 admin nms
    TerayonTeraLink 1000 Controller  admin password
    TerayonTeraLink 1000 Controller  user password
    TerayonTeraLink Getaway  admin password
    TerayonTeraLink Getaway  user password
    TerayonUnknownComcast-supplied (none) (none)
    TerayonUnknownComcast-supplied (none) (none)
    Terrayon   (none) (none)
    ThomsonSpeedTouch AP180 (none) admin
    ThomsonTCW-710  (none) admin
    ThomsonWireless Cable GatewayDCW725 (none) admin
    Tiara14003.x tiara tiaranet
    Titbas SCO haasadm lucy99
    TopcomSkyr@cer Pro AP 5541.93 admin admin
    TopcomWireless Webr@cer 1154+ PSTN (Annex A)V 0.01.06 admin admin
    TopcomWireless Webr@cer 1154+ PSTN (Annex A)V 0.01.09 admin admin
    TopcomWireless Webr@cer 1154+ PSTN (Annex A)V 4.00.0 admin admin
    TopLayerAppSwitch 2500Any siteadmin toplayer
    topsecfirewall  superman talent
    toshiba   (none) (none)
    toshiba480cdt  (none) (none)
    ToshibaE-Studio 3511c  Admin 123456
    ToshibaE-Studio 4511c  admin 123456
    ToshibaTR 650V2.01.00 admin tr650
    TrendMicroInterScan 7.0  admin imss7.0
    TrendMicroISVW (VirusWall)any admin admin
    TrendNETTEW-435BRM1 admin password
    TrintecheAcquirer App/Data Servers  t3admin Trintech
    TroyExtendNet 100zx  admin extendnet
    TVT SystemExpresse G5  craft (none)
    TVT SystemExpresse G5 DS1 Module  (none) enter
    U.S. RoboticsSureConnect 9003 ADSL Ethernet/USB Router  root 12345
    U.S. RoboticsSureConnect 9105 ADSL 4-Port Router  admin admin
    Ullu ka patthaGand maraGandoo Bhosda Lund
    UNEXRouters  (none) password
    UnisysClearPath MCP  NAU NAU
    UnisysClearPath MCP  HTTP HTTP
    us roboticadsl gateway wireless router  support support
    US RoboticsADSL Ethernet Modem  (none) 12345
    US RoboticsSureConnect ADSLSureConnect ADSL support support
    US RoboticsUSR5462  (none) admin
    US RoboticsUSR80001.23 / 1.25 root admin
    US RoboticsUSR85503.0.5 Any 12345
    US RoboticsUSR9106  admin admin
    US RoboticsUSR9110  admin (none)
    USRTOTALswitchAny none amber
    VariousDD-WRTv23 SP1 Final root admin
    VASCOVACMAN Middleware2.x admin (none)
    VerifoneVerifone Junior2.05 (none) 166816
    VerilinkNE6100-4 NetEngineIAD 3.4.8 (none) (none)
    Vina TechnologiesConnectReach3.6.2 (none) (none)
    Visual NetworksVisual Uptime T1 CSU/DSU1 admin visual
    voy   (none) (none)
    VxWorksmisc  guest guest
    VxWorksmisc  admin admin
    WanadooLivebox  admin admin
    WangWang  CSG SESAME
    Watchfirebox 1000  admin (none)
    WatchGuardFireBox3 4.6 (none) wg (touch password)
    WatchguardSOHO and SOHO6all versions user pass
    WebminWebminAny Unix/Lin admin (none)
    Webramp410i etc...  wradmin trancell
    westell2200  admin password
    WestellVersalink 327  admin (none)
    WestellWang  CSG SESAME
    WestellWirespeed  admin password
    WestellWirespeed wireless router  admin sysAdmin
    Win2000Quick Time 4.0Englisch (none) (none)
    Windows 98 se98 se  (none) (none)
    Wireless Inc.WaveNet 2458n/a root rootpass
    WLAN_3DRouter  Administrator admin
    wlinew3000g  admin 1234
    WTIConsole Switches  super super
    Wyserapport4.4 rapport r@p8p0r+
    Wysewinterm  root (none)
    WyseWinterm5440XL root wyse
    WyseWinterm5440XL VNC winterm
    WyseWinterm9455XL (none) Fireport
    WyseWinterm 3150  (none) password
    X-MicroWLAN 11b Access Point37258 super super
    X-MicroX-Micro WLAN 11b Broadband Router1.2.2 super super
    X-MicroX-Micro WLAN 11b Broadband Router1.6.0.1 1502 1502
    Xavi7000-ABA-ST1  (none) (none)
    Xavi7001  (none) (none)
    xdxddxddd xd xd
    Xerox240a  admin x-admin
    Xerox6204  (none) 0
    XeroxDocuCentre 425  admin 22222
    XeroxDocument Centre 405- admin admin
    XeroxDocument Centre 425  admin (none)
    XeroxMulti Function Equipment  admin 2222
    xeroxwork centre pro 35  admin 1111
    XeroxWorkCenter Pro 428  admin admin
    XeroxWorkCentre 7132  11111 x-admin
    xeroxxerox  admin admin
    xeroxxerox  (none) admin
    Xodus   (none) (none)
    XylanOmnistack 1032CF3.2.8 admin password
    XylanOmnistack 40243.4.9 admin password
    XylanOmniswitch  admin switch
    XylanOmniswitch  diag switch
    Xylanomniswitch  admin switch
    XylanOmniswitch3.1.8 admin switch
    xyplexmx 16xx  setpriv system
    XyplexRouters  (none) system
    XyplexRouters  (none) access
    XyplexRouters  (none) access
    xyplexswitch3.2 (none) (none)
    XyplexTerminal Server  (none) access
    XyplexTerminal Server  (none) system
    XyplexTerminal Server  (none) access
    XyplexTerminal Server  (none) system
    YakumoRouters  admin admin
    ZcomWireless  root admin
    Zebra10/100 Print Server  admin 1234
    ZoomZOOM ADSL Modem  admin zoomadsl
    ZTEZXDSL 8314.2 ADSL expert03
    zyxel   (none) (none)
    ZYXEL641 ADSL  (none) 1234
    ZyXel660-HW-D12 (none) 1234
    Zyxel660HW  admin (none)
    Zyxeladsl routersAll ZyNOS Firmwares admin 1234
    ZyxelES-2108  admin 1234
    zyxelg-570s  (none) admin
    ZyxelISDN Router Prestige 100IH  (none) 1234
    ZyxelISDN Router Prestige 1000  (none) 1234
    ZyxelISDN Router Prestige 1000  (none) (none)
    ZyxelISDN Router Prestige 1000  (none) (none)
    ZyxelPrestige  (none) 1234
    ZyxelPrestige  root 1234
    ZyxelPrestige  (none) 1234
    ZyxelPrestige 100IH  (none) 1234
    Zyxelprestige 128 modem routerany (none) 1234
    Zyxelprestige 300 seriesany (none) (none)
    zyxelprestige 300 serieszynos 2.* (none) 1234
    Zyxelprestige 600 seriesany (none) (none)
    ZyxelPrestige 643  (none) 1234
    ZyxelPrestige 645  admin 1234
    ZyxelPrestige 650  1234 1234
    ZyxelPrestige 650HW3131 60020 @dsl_xilno
    ZyxelPrestige 652HW-31 ADSL Router  admin 1234
    ZyxelPrestige 660HW  admin admin
    ZyxelPrestige 660R-61C  (none) admin
    ZyxelPrestige 900  webadmin 1234
    ZyXelPrestige P660HW  admin 1234
    ZyxelRouter650-1 (none) 1234
    ZyxelZyWall 2  (none) (none)