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    Security Override Hacking Evil Scripts
    Help on a new technique
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    02-16-2014 04:08 AM Help on a new technique
    This is my final project on Masters.
    I have done following things.
    1. I have took a file around 50mb.
    2. I split it to 500kb files.
    3. Encrypted it with AES with different key for each different chunk.
    4. I read the each byte of the each chunk and map it to RGB values. (3 bytes for one pixel) and generated a image.
    5. The I have created a file called map file with keys. The person with the map file only can decrypt the chunks and combine them in proper order.
    I want to add more feature and find out how to make my technique useful
    Please give me your feed backs.
    02-16-2014 08:19 PM RE: Help on a new technique
    Seems interesting after reading what you have so far it seems the map file would be the weak point.
    How would you send the map in a secure manor?

    My suggestion would be to use any type of text file as the key to encrypt and decrypt as the key, Similar to what TruCrypt and PassSafe use.
    This way you can send the key and no one knows it is the key.

    02-16-2014 09:49 PM RE: Help on a new technique
    Thank you Override,
    I thought of use PKI to encrypt map file. and send to the user.
    Map file is also again will be converted to an image.

    How can I bring this upto a real product level. I'm not planning to gain any financial advantages. I just want to give a good product which uses none traditional ways to share files. Because of the new privacy threats which we are getting everyday (Snowden's disclosures.).

    This is one of sample image which I have created by chunking 100 kb file in to 10 kb
    02-17-2014 07:40 PM RE: Help on a new technique
    We are currently creating a new files system database for members to upload and share files. Maybe once its complete you can upload a prototype and ask for some feedback and go from there.

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