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    Would love some batch help
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    04-06-2014 01:27 PM Would love some batch help
    Hey SO,

    i've recently endulged myself in some fun batch scripting, but i'm pretty noob (i just crashed my own PC cuz it wouldn't stop opening cmd's...).

    Since appearantly you can do bad things even when just trying stuff out, i'd love to see where you guys learned the batch scripting technique.

    Next to the basic syntax and stuff, i'd love to know how a bat file won't get stopped by an antivirus firewall & still runs, how to run one hidden, how batfile1 can create batfile2 in a deep folder in the target's PC in order to keylog/copy info & send em.... stuff like that.

    So maybe you guys/gals can share your codehavens and other websites for help so i can learn this without seriously damaging my own PC just trying stuff out ;-)

    Thanks in advance, jep.
    04-06-2014 02:44 PM RE: Would love some batch help
    batch files actually have pretty limited capabilities. You might be able to do some of the stuff you mentioned(some of which would actually be easy, others why bother, etc) but honestly I dont see it being worth the effort. Learning a full fledge programming language will do wonders and expand your capabilities significantly while improving your computer systems knowledge. When it comes to windows, learning powershell is a worthwhile endeavor too. Its native to windows as of win 7 and installed on many networks with older versions as well, white listed by AV so the effort to bypassing it is very minimally(you can encode stuff in base64 and execute it in memory, most AVs wouldnt even bother checking) and being native to windows means it has powerful functions and utility to control the system and the OS has no idea anything funky is a foot.

    using py2exe is also a powerful tool when you really need an executable but want the scripting powers and trickery of a scripting language, and you could even stack python with some powershell scripting for extra trickery, making a keylogger in about a hundred or so lines of code, meaning you could throw together a very minimalist but evasive backdoor/rat/whatever tool in a low amount of time.

    Id say browse amazon and find yourself some good books to get started.
    dmr, September 9, 1941 October 9, 2011

    Never Forget
    04-23-2014 07:08 AM RE: Would love some batch help
    Thanks for answering, could you give me some more information about how i could make a keylogger using the things u suggested, maybe "coach" me a little or send some website links where i could try and figure it out on my own?

    Many thanks,
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