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    Security Override The Articles Section [ General ] Articles
    Article_1: Getting Started
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    06-25-2014 07:51 PM Article_1: Getting Started | Edited by thegatekeeper32 06-28-2014 11:55 AM
    Article 1: Getting Started

    This is just a general 'getting started' guide for everyone who asks how to start hacking or what they should look into to begin.

    The first thing you should know is the term "Hacker" is often used in place of "Cracker". A Hacker is someone who takes a piece of technology and using it in a way it wasn't intended to be used. A Cracker is someone who breaks into a secure system without permision. For all intents and purposes I will be using hacker in the rest of this article as well future posts. Also there is a difference in being a "Hacker/Pentester/Private Security" and being a "Script Kiddie". The term Script Kiddie is often used to describe individuals that use pre-made programs and tools to carry out hacking. They are individuals who do not care to learn about programming or the systems in which they use. While many hackers prefer to make fun of and mess with kiddies; it is better to convince them to go back and learn so that new ideas and techniques can be created.

    A highly recommended OS(operating system) to use is Linux. Linux is an open sourced operating system meaning it is free to download, use, and share. There many versions of linux for everyone and every kind of taste. While considered to be a hackers OS, it can be used for everyone and is a great alternative to windows and Mac. While hacking with windows and mac can be done, there are pros and cons with using any of the three OS's and its completely up to personal choice.

    The best advice to give to someone who wants to learn to hack, program, or just learn to use their computer better is to recommend some reading. For both hackers and programmers alike, it is best to read and PRACTICE programming. Begin with a simple programming language such as Python or Perl and move on to Java, C, C++, etc...

    I personally recommend visitng and joining these sites. The first three are hacking sites that provide you with forums, articles and best yet; challenges to PRACTICE what you have learned. While answers can found in the forums it is better to search more info on each subject the challenge calls for. As you proceed through the challenges, try thinking through and attempting it a few times before seeking help. Sometimes the best way to learn is to fail.

    Check these out!

    GrayScale_tech community page on facebook
    06-29-2014 06:03 AM RE: Article_1: Getting Started
    You guys should also check out and
    Join our IRC channal! #Evilzone #SecurityOverride

    This dude doesn't answer to matter how special you think you are...sry

    "With great power comes great responsibility"
    06-29-2014 06:04 AM RE: Article_1: Getting Started
    and maybe securitytube
    Join our IRC channal! #Evilzone #SecurityOverride

    This dude doesn't answer to matter how special you think you are...sry

    "With great power comes great responsibility"
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