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    Looking to dox some important people.
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    08-07-2014 06:14 PM Looking to dox some important people. | Edited by 8ball 08-07-2014 06:38 PM
    I want to know the best way to dox people, I've been searching google for people's information and have found information but I think maybe there is a better way of finding people. I've got this book called NSA:Untangling the web which teaches you about ways to dox people, I haven't read it yet but I can imagine they are talking about using google and other search engines which I have.

    I'm looking to find celebrity contact information, I want to find russell brand to contact him. He seems like he's on the side of the people so I want him to get a message across, if I can get the message across and he does say something about it, the UK may see a change - Meritocracy.

    I've tried to contact Peter Joseph Merola, the guy associated with TZM that made the movie Zeitgeist.

    Here's NSA: Untangling the web. ->
    08-10-2014 03:23 PM RE: Looking to dox some important people.
    Doxing anyone is more of an art than a science. And I hate that phrase, which shows how true it really is if I have to admit it. Simply put the key to doxing is taking notes and focusing your queries. There are many public services and databases with information collected from sources you sometimes dont have access to, but most of them charge a small fee and are useless if you dont have some base information to weed out false positives. Cross reference everything.

    Knowing a bit about social engineering as it relates to recon is amazingly helpful here as well, as not everything is publicly posted online but asking someone secretary or helpdesk some innocuous questions can give you some surprising information. Personally I dont think your goal would really make an impact but eh if you believe in something might as well give it a shot right?

    Also your title was a bit misleading, theres a lot more to doxing than finding out someones contact info, you had me worried there for a second when I clicked on the thread link haha

    Although it may be a bit infeasible with your means and/or legally risky for you, check out the Carmen San Diego project. Some researchers rigged together an asterisk box to call themselves with spoofed caller id and basically bruteforced the listed person behind a range of phone numbers. They did it to hollywoods area code and had personal cell numbers of hundreds of famous actors and celebrities. They commented though that few, if anyone, actually answered their calls(since it came from a strange number).

    dmr, September 9, 1941 October 9, 2011

    Never Forget
    08-10-2014 04:28 PM RE: Looking to dox some important people.
    I thought that doxing people was something that was looked down upon? Am I mistaken?
    08-10-2014 05:58 PM RE: Looking to dox some important people.
    Some people do, especially outside the hacker culture cause its 'creepy'. But there are occasionally good reasons to dox. Besides most of the time, I see dox being used more to show arrogant assholes that they arent as invincible as they think they are. The average person almost never has to worry about getting doxed, cause no one cares. People only care when theyre bored and you stroll around on the net thinking your hot shit. When non hackers get doxed its usually because they made the news doing something unethical and the swarm of masses effectively bruteforce the information to collectively gain petty revenge that builds up.

    Oftentimes professionals on an engagement will dox multiple employees to gain an edge, though its rarely called doxing in this case because 'doxing' sounds unprofessional and makes people panic. I for one dont give a shit if someone doxes me, especially since Ive knowingly taken 0 measures to prevent this username from being attached to my real identity. Its also interesting to see the occasional people who do manage to msg me my info. Usually theyre friends and have higher skills than the common man. Kinda shows that good recon tends to separate the no talents from the talented. But now im getting off topic.
    dmr, September 9, 1941 October 9, 2011

    Never Forget
    08-10-2014 07:46 PM RE: Looking to dox some important people.
    Madf0x, have you taken a look at NSA: Untangling the web?
    08-10-2014 07:57 PM RE: Looking to dox some important people.
    Actually Ive been reading it all day instead of clearing out my room for moving here in a few days haha why?
    dmr, September 9, 1941 October 9, 2011

    Never Forget
    09-26-2014 11:03 PM RE: Looking to dox some important people.
    madf0x wrote:
    Actually Ive been reading it all day instead of clearing out my room for moving here in a few days haha why?

    Do you think you could help us find where people live? We would like contact some very important people to get the message across, we are speculating over whether we may get some help from famous people to get the meritocracy message across, we're not sure if they are willing to help or pretending in order to get our hopes up. Look at Russell Brand, he talks about a revolution and he seems anti-establishment, well we wanted to contact him to see if he would say anything about meritocracy, he did go onto an interview with Jeremy Paxman saying we need a revolution but he didn't say anything about any system that could replace free market capitalism.

    The revolution is building up, over here in the UK people are starting to wake up and people are fed up with current conditions, a message to Russell may be very crucial to get the message across, or maybe some other people. (Do you have any suggestions?)

    We could really do with some hackers on our side finding out personal information, we did find his agent (nigel klarfeld) but he didn't reply. We're not sure if he's going to help though.
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