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    Security Override Hacking Challenges Steganography Hacking Challenges
    Steganography 4
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    10-28-2010 06:20 AM Steganography 4
    Need a Little help.can anyone tell me which tool to use for this challenge....
    10-28-2010 07:41 AM RE: Steganography 4
    any kind of hex editor might be of help.
    Smile....Even IMPOSSIBLE says I m possible.... Smile

    And with knowledge comes responsibility.
    10-28-2010 09:11 AM RE: Steganography 4

    and Paint are the only tools you need.
    10-28-2010 07:18 PM RE: Steganography 4
    Just as ka1z3r says. Well, if you aren't able to get it with paint, you can always go for some high tech editing software. Pfft but yeah, those are the only things you need if you wanna be simplistic.
    10-29-2010 05:08 AM RE: Steganography 4
    auditorsec wrote:
    any kind of hex editor might be of help.

    I agree with auditorsec...
    hex editor wud do....
    Meaningful Silence is better than meaningless Words...
    04-30-2011 06:23 PM RE: Steganography 4
    I'm very impressed and learnt something. thanks a lot for this challenge
    04-30-2011 07:58 PM RE: Steganography 4
    k3n4n5 wrote:
    I'm very impressed and learnt something. thanks a lot for this challenge

    You're very much welcome Grin
    08-25-2011 06:42 PM RE: Steganography 4
    This was an awesome challenge. Thanks for putting it together. That was the most challenging few hours so far. After the Congrats screen you mention how the answer could've been encrypted further using some proprietary encryption software, how would one even begin to break that, idk. Insane.
    08-26-2011 03:37 AM RE: Steganography 4
    can anybody give me more hint about this? please
    Don't think about profit but think if the people are willing to pay for it.

    08-26-2011 05:51 AM RE: Steganography 4
    zer09 wrote:
    can anybody give me more hint about this? please

    There's enough help here already to complete the challenge. Just make sure you're covering all grounds. Smile
    01-31-2012 03:42 AM RE: Steganography 4
    Make sure u use a decent hex editor....the one i used was crap, and i had to decode it myself!
    11-18-2012 04:04 PM RE: Steganography 4
    Hmm tried two different hex editors on this, found the relevant screen "area" to examine in detail, cropped out the necessary pixels etc but i appear to be stuck.

    Tried pixel counting as i thought it might be block numbers but that didnt work and cant find anything with the hex editors.
    Tried viewing in ascii, hex etc but still not seeing anything of sense.
    03-25-2013 12:23 PM RE: Steganography 4
    i guys i'm new here.....
    I used s/w's rangin from simple image viewer to paint to the latest version photoshop..hex tools...base64....binary...almost everythin that i can practically think of & stilll i didnt got it....i spend one entire nyt with itAngry,i didnt get anythin xcept the line on the left bottom corner, and that also make any senseFrown, i hav cropd it nd took its hex, edited it,zoomed...still nothin...i used both win nd linux (+online tools) tools.
    Guys plz help....
    03-25-2013 01:58 PM RE: Steganography 4
    Vaisakh, you're over-thinking it way too much. I don't think I can add new information without giving away the answer but I can point you to the best hint in this thread.

    ka1z3r wrote:

    and Paint are the only tools you need.
    03-26-2013 03:23 AM RE: Steganography 4
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    03-26-2013 04:53 AM RE: Steganography 4
    Kamina wrote:
    Vaisakh, you're over-thinking it way too much. I don't think I can add new information without giving away the answer but I can point you to the best hint in this thread.

    ka1z3r wrote:

    and Paint are the only tools you need.

    still nothin...shld i decryt the cropd image by myself?
    can u just pm me......
    07-10-2013 10:09 PM RE: Steganography 4 | Edited by trietptm 07-10-2013 10:54 PM
    What could MS Paint be used for in this challenge?

    Could you suggest some Linux hex editor convenient to look for byte patterns in this challenge?
    I have used HexEdit, it seems to be a pain to look for the right patterns with HexEdit.
    07-10-2013 11:59 PM RE: Steganography 4
    I'll give you a hint. Enlarge the image and look carefully. There's a step to it before viewing in a hex editor.
    07-11-2013 10:15 AM RE: Steganography 4 | Edited by trietptm 07-11-2013 10:15 AM
    Hopefully, I'm not wrong, there're some red things around the text, how can I locate the corresponding parts in hex editors?
    07-11-2013 03:02 PM RE: Steganography 4
    While the red part around the text is not what you're looking for, simply crop out the relevant parts and save them. Different extensions might yield different results.
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