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    Professional Download System

    John the Ripper's Usage Examples
    from Override 06/06/2013 14:53:20
    Downloads: 2245
    Comments: 0

    These examples are to give you some tips on what John's features can be
    used for. Some of them may not be obvious, I'm sorry if others are, but
    anyway, I just got tired of answering questions.

    DOS attack tool / Network stress tesing
    from shadowbroker 01/15/2013 20:42:40
    Downloads: 3216
    Comments: 3
    DOS attacking tool / network stress tester

    HTTP Response Splitting, Web Cache Poisoning Attacks, and Related Topics
    from kaidranzer 09/12/2011 11:33:51
    Downloads: 1780
    Comments: 1
    Covers HTTP Response Spliiting which enables web cache poisoning, cross user defacement, hijacking pages, XSS, etc.

    from polemarchos 09/01/2011 15:43:26
    Downloads: 4527
    Comments: 0

    A Serious Newbies Guide to the Underground V2
    from mls577 08/09/2011 20:14:40
    Downloads: 5728
    Comments: 7
    A Guide for Newbies that are just starting out. This is a continuance of ratdance's old paper. This paper gives a lot of information on a broad range of subjects such as: history and theory behind hacking, wireless attacks, cryptography, OS's, OSI model, tcp/ip, protocols, et al. For more information go ahead and take a look for youself.

    Unix Tutorials
    from shadow 03/28/2011 02:07:32
    Downloads: 2439
    Comments: 0
    C00L collection of related tutorials of unix for people who want to start learning from scratch

    Google Captcha Wordlist
    from l0gan_l135 11/23/2010 23:46:27
    Downloads: 18246
    Comments: 1
    Complete Wordlist for Google's Captcha

    Madf0x's Common Password List
    from madf0x 09/07/2010 03:44:07
    Downloads: 5664
    Comments: 8
    A simple common password list, derived from passwords that appear 100+ times out of the rockyou 32 million passwords list, generated via a series of sed scripts, awk, sort, and uniq. Twas unexpectedly fun in creating Smile enjoy!

    from cruizrisner 08/29/2010 10:06:38
    Downloads: 6254
    Comments: 2
    become xss expert

    Hide Program
    from CrashOverron 06/20/2010 20:49:27
    Downloads: 2256
    Comments: 8
    hide/unhide windows exe+source

    Directory Traversal Fundamentals
    from x2600 05/11/2010 23:02:42
    Downloads: 4043
    Comments: 7
    A Directory Traversal attack is a type of computer security exploit that involves the use of characters designed to induce a “traverse to parent directory” within a web server, to gain access to files or directories that would otherwise be restricted. The access granted by a Directory Traversal vulnerability may include any combination of the following basic permissions: Read, Write, Execute, and Delete.

    Cross Site Scripting Fundamentals
    from x2600 05/11/2010 23:00:00
    Downloads: 3057
    Comments: 2
    Cross site scripting, commonly known by its acronym, XSS, is a type of computer security vulnerability that involves the injection of code into web pages by means of web applications. During the execution of an XSS attack, information from one entity, whe

    hexadecimal converter
    from jakecrepinsek 05/04/2010 17:57:50
    Downloads: 743
    Comments: 0
    this is as the name says a hexadecimal converter programed in c++

    NetCat Cheat Sheet
    04/25/2010 18:47:52
    Downloads: 1638
    Comments: 3
    NetCat Cheat Sheet By Ed Skoudis
    This Cheat sheet provides various tips for using Netcat on both Linux and Unix.

    Host Discovery with Nmap
    04/24/2010 20:14:53
    Downloads: 1288
    Comments: 3
    Host Discovery with nmap By: Mark Wolfgang

    Secrets of top pen testers
    04/24/2010 20:04:39
    Downloads: 4566
    Comments: 0
    Secrets of American top pen testers By Ed Skoudis

    Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
    from Override 04/24/2010 19:40:02
    Downloads: 1657
    Comments: 0
    Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
    An introduction to a common web application weakness.

    Exploring Steganography: Seeing the Unseen
    from Override 04/24/2010 12:46:32
    Downloads: 1924
    Comments: 1
    Steganography is an ancient art of hiding information. Digital technology gives us new ways to apply steganographic techniques, including one of the most intriguing—that of hiding information in digital images.

    [video] user submitted video intro
    from Override 04/22/2010 09:45:19
    Downloads: 1413
    Comments: 0
    This is the video intro for user submitted videos.

    04/13/2010 12:42:40
    Downloads: 1200
    Comments: 1
    This handy little utility assembles and sends custom ICMP, UDP, or TCP packets and then displays any replies. It was inspired by the ping command, but offers far more control over the probes sent. It also has a handy traceroute mode and supports IP fragme

    04/13/2010 12:28:10
    Downloads: 500
    Comments: 0
    Securely overwrite your sensitive files and cleanse your free space of previously deleted files using this DoD-compliant secure delete program.

    Process Explorer v12.01
    04/13/2010 12:16:46
    Downloads: 1322
    Comments: 1
    Ever wondered which program has a particular file or directory open? Now you can find out. Process Explorer shows you information about which handles and DLLs processes have opened or loaded.

    04/13/2010 12:12:21
    Downloads: 1360
    Comments: 2
    The Windows NT and Windows 2000 Resource Kits come with a number of command-line tools that help you administer your Windows NT/2K systems. Over time, I've grown a collection of similar tools, including some not included in the Resource Kits. What set

    TCPView for Windows
    04/13/2010 12:05:38
    Downloads: 911
    Comments: 0
    TCPView is a Windows program that will show you detailed listings of all TCP and UDP endpoints on your system, including the local and remote addresses and state of TCP connections. On Windows Server 2008, Vista, and XP, TCPView also reports the name of t

    Guide to XSS and Cookie Catchers
    04/06/2010 16:07:48
    Downloads: 2022
    Comments: 4
    This is a simple guide to finding XSS flaws and making cookie catchers.

    Google Secrets
    from ne011 03/22/2010 19:18:37
    Downloads: 11241
    Comments: 6
    Information which should be protected is very often publicly available, revealed by careless or ignorant users. The result is that lots of confidential data is freely available on the Internet , if we know how to find it .

    Art of Assembly language (High Level Assembler)
    from someoneigna 03/05/2010 13:35:59
    Downloads: 857
    Comments: 0
    A good and large manual about assembler programming. Has 1444 pagesShock.

    Vulnerable Web Environment
    from CrashOverron 03/04/2010 11:27:04
    Downloads: 16841
    Comments: 13
    Vulnerable website environment used in all of Crash Overron's videos

    from Override 02/25/2010 00:01:02
    Downloads: 956
    Comments: 2
    A stealth (somewhat) key logger, writes to a log file then sends an email to whoever is set in the #define options at compile time.

    2D Game Engine
    from bluechill 02/23/2010 21:51:21
    Downloads: 220
    Comments: 0
    Game engine I made in Java for a course after the instructor got bored of me lecturing the class and him.

    Copyright © bluechill 2010-X (Where X is the Current Year)

    from Override 02/20/2010 10:23:53
    Downloads: 1603
    Comments: 1
    Penetration testing often focuses on individual vulnerabilities and services. This paper introduces a tactical approach that does not rely on exploiting known flaws. The first section of this paper covers information gathering and discovery techniques, wi

    Xss Tunnelling.pdf
    from ne011 02/19/2010 15:07:06
    Downloads: 796
    Comments: 0
    Tunnelling HTTP traffic through XSS Channels.

    from ne011 02/19/2010 15:00:34
    Downloads: 1538
    Comments: 1
    This document discusses in detail the common 'SQL injection' technique, as it applies to the popular Microsoft Internet Information Server/Active Server Pages/SQL Server platform. It discusses the various ways in which SQL can be 'injected'

    from Override 02/17/2010 10:04:51
    Downloads: 939
    Comments: 0
    TCP/IP and tcpdump
    Pocket Reference Guide

    from Override 02/15/2010 18:30:58
    Downloads: 1774
    Comments: 0
    I list of almost all port numbers and the services related to them.

    user2sid and sid2user
    from Override 02/15/2010 18:15:42
    Downloads: 18957
    Comments: 1
    Two small utilities for Windows NT that allow you to query SAM and to find out a SID value for a given account name and vice versa.

    ARP Spoofing Information
    from LiquidFusi0n 02/15/2010 16:40:10
    Downloads: 510
    Comments: 0
    A nice little PDF to give you some information on ARP Spoofing,

    The Argon List
    from Override 02/15/2010 15:41:44
    Downloads: 3752
    Comments: 0
    This is version two of's series of wordlists.

    from Override 02/15/2010 15:32:23
    Downloads: 8358
    Comments: 0
    XSS: Cross site scripting, detection and prevention
    A Scanit whitepaper on finding cross site scripting vulnerabilities, how to exploit them and how to protect your own web application.

    from Override 02/15/2010 15:25:46
    Downloads: 3636
    Comments: 2
    This chapter will show you how to use Metasploit, an exploit launching and development

    from ne011 02/15/2010 03:54:23
    Downloads: 1056
    Comments: 3
    A simple Netcat tutorial.

    from ne011 02/15/2010 03:29:04
    Downloads: 917
    Comments: 1
    This r57 PHP shell provides the user to list files, run shell commands,download files from ftp server,upload files to remote ftp server,send email,send file to email,dump db table,run sql query.

    from Override 02/14/2010 23:02:57
    Downloads: 2072
    Comments: 1
    The Uncommon SQL Injection white paper is, as promised by the title, virtually unlike any other SQL injection walk through on the web. This written lesson aims to not only provide a comprehensive reference, and to serve as a learning aid, but also to help

    Practical SQL Injection bit by bit.pdf
    from Override 02/14/2010 22:26:23
    Downloads: 1397
    Comments: 1
    Practical SQL Injection bit by bit.
    I hear you already thinking: yet another paper on SQL injection. In fact it is, but this time, the injection was a bit more tricky to exploit than usual. I though it deserved a short paper.

    Stack Overflow Exploitation Real Life Example.pdf
    from Override 02/14/2010 22:16:38
    Downloads: 1568
    Comments: 0
    Stack Overflow Exploitation Real Life Example.

    from Override 02/14/2010 20:36:19
    Downloads: 930
    Comments: 1
    This is a tutorial on chaining proxies for the use of becoming more anonymous while online. There aren't enough tutorials online about this subject so I decided to make an attempt at writing one. Since it's on the subject, I included a section on

    John The Ripper
    from Qwexotic 02/14/2010 19:40:04
    Downloads: 1135
    Comments: 0
    a very good unix hash cracker

    from Override 02/14/2010 13:52:38
    Downloads: 4003
    Comments: 2
    Netcat is a computer networking service for reading from and writing network connections using TCP or UDP. Netcat is designed to be a dependable “back-end” device that can be used candidly or easily driven by other programs and scripts.

    from Override 02/14/2010 13:24:12
    Downloads: 980
    Comments: 3
    webadmin.php is a simple Web-based file manager.

    from Override 02/14/2010 11:07:06
    Downloads: 1063
    Comments: 2
    Whois command line application for windows.

    02/14/2010 09:58:33
    Downloads: 3114
    Comments: 1
    c99shell.php v.1.0 pre-release build #12